Sunday, June 12, 2011

You'll Flip for Mithas!

This might be a short blog entry, because Mithas (Dragonlance, 1/100) is so obviously great. One of the most primo realms in Spellfire, no matter what format you play.

Why? Well, if it is razed, Mithas rebuilds automatically at the start of your next turn. You get it back free, and can still play another land that turn, or discard three cards and flip another razed realm that turn.

When combined with cards like Menzoberranzzan, Caer Allison, Korgunard the Avangion, Spirit of the Land, and Arms of the Shield Lands, Mithas can be part of a strategy that allows you to win games by playing or rebuilding 4, 5, or possibly all 6 reams in one turn!

In TAV, where its easier to raze realms when attacking, Mithas can be a great front land. Let's say Gib Lhadsemlo is heading to your formation. You could waste cards trying to beat him (unlikely), but with Mithas up front you can just let it go. It gets razed, and your opponent gets a spoils, but at least no lasting damage is done. At the beginning of your next turn Mithas unflips and (provided no other opponent has razed another of your lands) you are back where you started. Play a realm and you're even ahead of where you were last turn, even though you had one of your realms razed.

The flaw with this realm is that Mithas allows opponents to attack it after it has been razed. Not much of a problem in a two-player duel, but in multi-player you might find your front land under seige.

The only other downside to Mithas is that just about everyone runs it in their deck. This becomes even more of a problem in a multi-player game. Once it's down somewhere on the table, Mithas will need to be removed using a valuable land-destruction spell like Disintegrate or Dissolution, or attacked once each by a combination of two players.

But if you're the one who gets Mithas down first, your opponents might just flip you off! :)

Next Time: My tournament deck.                            

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