Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top 3: Wizards

Okay folks, here's my list of the top 3 wizard champions in Spellfire. As always, my picks are designed with the Antigonish variant rules in mind.

No avatars and no Gibs were considered for this list. No Bigby, either.

#3 - Manshoon of the Zhentarim (Runes & Ruins chase, 6/25)
This guy is a great attacking champion. Launch an attack with Manshoon and take your best shot at defeating your opponent's blocker. If you win, great - you've just razed a realm and gained yourself a spoils. If you lose, just discard one card from your hand and Manshoon returns to your pool. He can't be used again until your next turn, but technically he hasn't been defeated, which means your opponent doesn't get a spoils. Manshoon also cannot be discarded by a Drain Will or other targeted champion-killing card. Definitely a primo wizard (I use him in my tournament deck), and worthy of the #3 spot on this list, just edging out Maldraedior.

#2 - Ellorelloran (The Underdark, 93/100)
Rule cards are tough to get rid of. Besides Wish and the Genie Bottle, there are precious few cards that can remove them. Slapping down your own rule card works, but what if you don't have one, or its already been played? Ellorelloran is one solution. She's level 9, can cast cleric spells, and can destroy any rule card when she is played. Later in the game she can be discarded to destroy a second rule card. The fact that she is immune to psionic powers is just icing on the cake. A high-level, versatile wizard with a unique power (that can be used twice) and a useful immunity - add it all up, you've got the #2 wizard in Spellfire.

#1 - Prismal the Outrageous (3rd Edition chase, 431/440)
There's no question this guy looks silly. Kind of a cross between Ron Weasley and the Incredible Hulk. But in a game of Spellfire, Prismal is no joke. First off, he's able to cast cleric spells as well as wizard. Secondly, he's immune to offensive magic items, so Vorpal Blade and the Rod of Seven Parts are useless against him. Thirdly, he can attack any Forgotten Realms land (and take his allies with him) regardless of where the realm is in the formation or what movement restriction it has. Lastly, if you win with Prismal, you get TWO spoils. Yes, you read that correctly. Can you say "card advantage"? Prismal is the real deal, which is why he's nestled snugly into both my tournament deck and the #1 spot on this list.

Disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments.

Next time: When luck shines on you!


  1. one of most often used wizards back when our group played spellfire was Drawmij.him with jahoydees mask was quite potent.

    1. Yup, Drawmij is an excellent wizard. He was definitely considered for this top 3 list.