Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 3: Regents

Here are my picks for the top 3 regent champions.

#3 - Gib Cram (Chaos, 5/72)
Yes, that's me in the picture. And yes, this is one of the three cards I designed that made it into the sticker sets (The Forgotten Idol and, with Hayden, Insanely Good Fortune being the other two). But that's not why Gib Cram makes the list. His phenomenal power makes him the #3 regent champion in the game. Movement restrictions? He laughs at movement restrictions. He can't be killed by the Scarlet Brotherhood. He's not discarded by Raurin. He can't be poisoned by The Spiderfell. He attacks Iolonia, The Lost City, and Zhentil Keep with impunity! And takes all his allies along for the ride. AND passes the power to ignore movement restrictions and land powers to all your other champions! He's a handsome devil, as well...

#2 - The Noble Outlaw (Birthright, 91/100)
I declare him to be...an OUTLAWWW!!! *ahem* Excuse me. The Noble Outlaw has an amazing power, which to my mind puts him over the top for spot #2 on this list, ahead of Gib Cram. In the Antigonish Variant, spoils are easier to get than in standard. This guy messes with your opponents' ability to collect spoils. Therefore, he can be a game-breaker. He's also level 10, and his ability to use unarmed combat cards can make him handy as a last-ditch attacker or defender. But mostly, you want him nestled deep in your pool, dishing out punishment to your opponent in 2-player by denying him spoils, and providing one of the greatest incentives ever to NOT attack you in multiplayer games.  

#1 - Rhuobhe Manslayer (Birthright chase, 14/25) 
This guy is a real beast. He heads up my regent & thief deck, and does a smashing job of it, too. One of the greatest attacking champions in the game, Rhuobhe can imitate the power of any champion in any pool when he is pushed forward into combat. He can steal two cards before combat if there is an Istus in play. He can nuke two realms if Iuz is lurking in someone's pool. He can be Lyr of the mists and destroy a champion. If Cram is out, he can ignore movement restrictions. He can be immune to all cards played against him, if Shayira is around. The possibilities are endless. For those reasons (and maybe because he has the toughest name to spell in the game) Rhuobhe Manslayer is the #1 regent ever printed.

Next Time: Top 3 Psionicists.


  1. The Wizard (Birthright Singles) 95/100

    "Can use blood abilities and cast wizard spells. The Wizard can discard a realm in his player's formation to instantly win a round of battle."

    I think "she" is the best Regents in Spellfire.

    Hope you can continue to write somethings for Spellfire. :)

    1. The Wizard is another great Regent, but the downside of having to discard a realm makes it miss the top three spots on this list, in my opinion.