Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Tournament Deck

Well guys, here it is, the long-promised rundown of my TAV tournament deck. Yes, the deck that went through 7 other quality TAV decks to win the inaugural 2000 tourney in the place where it all began, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, and crown me Spellfire Champion!

You may notice a few newer (sticker set) cards in the deck. Obviously they weren't part of the action back in 2000, but truthfully I don't remember what cards were in their places, and there is no documentation or deck list.

I should mention that this deck had its genesis in the late 90s, when I played Spellfire in Sydney, Nova Scotia with a bunch of guys with names like Manny, Lindsay, Ian, and Clint. Later, in Antigonish, it was a crew including Scott, Chris, Dale, Rob, Paul, and (of course) Hayden.

This deck is about 15 years old, in its various incarnations. It's not unbeaten by any means, but it wins more matches than any deck I've ever seen in person (Please remember that these are TAV matches. The deck is probably useless for Standard, which I do not play).

Here's the card rundown.

Realms (13): Ancient Kalidnay, Sea of Dust, Nibenay, Solamnia, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Avanil, Picque Moi, Temple of Elemental Evil, The Desolation, The Shadowlands, The Ruins of Iolonia, Menzoberranzan, Mithas.

Champions (14): Manshoon, Delsenora, Korgunard, Lyr, Earth Elemental, Prismal the Outrageous, Helm, Headless Horseman, Erellika, Zakhata, Living Scroll, Cyric, Living Wall.

Wizard Spells (11): Unnerving Aura, Dispel Illusion, Dissolution, Disintegrate, Spell Turning, Hold Person, Limited Wish, Wish, Takhisis' Abyssal Gateway, Dispel Magic, Estate Transference.

Cleric Spells (3): Mindkiller, Intercession, Dispel.

Magic Items (1): Star Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal.

Allies (3): Noble Djinni, Loup-Garou, The Dreaded Ghost.

Events (10): Map of Life, Tyranthraxus, Good Fortune, Unusually Good Fortune, Caravan, Genie Bottle, Caer Allison, Coming of the Phoenix, Pit Trap, Enter Darkness Together.

Dungeon: The Azure Tower of Onad the Fallen.

Note: I do not run a Rule Card or an Avatar in this particular deck.

Well there you have it. I should mention that anyone looking to buy these cards (or any Spellfire singles) should check out Troll & Toad. They have become *the* Spellfire singles retailer on the web.

Comments welcome on my deck. But if you think you can do better in TAV...we should play! :)

Next Time: The best Gib? (no, it's not Cram...) ;)


  1. I guess that wand of orcus and blamblower it´s a good choice for your TAV deck

    1. Those are good choices, Zang, but what would I take out to put those in? :)

  2. Is there anywhere to play spellfire anymore. I mean in tournament format? And if so, where??

    1. I don't know, Anonymous. I haven't seen a for-real Spellfire tournament since 2001. But I still play with friends, sometimes even four-player games. All TAV of course - I don't play Standard.

      I have heard that there are some Spellfire events at GenCon each August.

  3. I guess I don't count as someone you played Spellfire with in Antigonish. A shame, really.

    1. Welcome, Scott! A worthy opponent you were then and continue to be today! My oversight has been fixed.

  4. Hello everyone,
    we are organizing a tournamrnt in France in the second quarter of 2014
    on FB: spellfire france for further details

    1. If you're advertising a Spellfire tournament on my blog, there had better be some TAV games being played there! :)