Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Best Cleric Spells

Okay, folks. Let's rundown my choices for the five best cleric spells. Please remember that all my "top five" and  "top three" lists are made with the specific needs of TAV decks in mind. 

#5 - Divine Intervention (Dragonlance, 81/100) 
After combat, during phase 5, this powerful spell allows you to return any one champion and ally from the discard pile. You can get a champion (including an avatar) and ally that died during the current turn or those who were discarded a few turns ago, or a mixture of each. This spell probably would exclude avatars if it were printed when they existed, but it doesn't because it wasn't! Because there are so many great champions that happen to succumb to instant-kill cheese in TAV, the ability to bring one back is huge. And to get a Dreaded Ghost or Loup-Garou back with it? Awesome spell.  

#4 - Intercession (Runes & Ruins, 48/100)  
There's really not a lot of explaining to do here. Intercession is a cleric spell that stops an event. Events are big in Spellfire. They're even bigger in TAV, a format in which 10 events in your deck is an absolute must. The cards that cancel events can be listed on your fingers. Therefore, intercession comes in at the #4 position on this list.

#3 - Mindkiller (The Underdark, 56/100)    

What? Mindkiller at #3? I can almost hear the howls of outrage. But yes, #3 is where Mindkiller fits. It's a tad overrated, because of its one glaring weakness - it can't eliminate Avatars for more than one turn. You might scoff, but when Istus is staring you in the face you'll regret not having card #2 on this list instead of a Mindkiller in your hand. Besides that one flaw, Mindkiller is great. The affected champion is off to the (almost) inaccessible Abyss, and as we all know "out of sight, out of mind"!

#2 - Mindshatter (The Underdark chase, 25/25)
Don't talk to me about Mindkiller! This is from the SAME SET and blows it out of the water. Look at this primo card. Primo, primo, primo. This is what I want to see in my hand when you slap down Istus or Iuz or the Living Wall. Once this baby hits the table, your vaunted champion isn't doing anything at all for a good long time - provided said champion isn't immune to offensive spells. Also provided the Mindshatter isn't countered with card #1 on this list.

#1 - Dispel (4th Edition, 400/500) 
There it is, the best cleric spell ever printed. The third edition version (which can only stop wizard and cleric spells) might have had a chance to make this list, that's how valuable "counterspells" (to borrow a term from Magic: The Gathering) are in Spellfire. The fact that the 4th edition version of Dispel also counters blood abilities and psionic powers puts this card over the top and secures its claim to the #1 spot on this list. Dispel needs to be in ANY deck with champions able to cast cleric spells, in any format, period.

Next time: Disaster strikes!


  1. Hey there. I happened upon your blog, and I'm just curious if you know any sites where I could sell off my old Spellfire collection. Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at jamesdb1978 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    1. Hey James, hope you got my email. As I said there, eBay seems to be THE place to buy and sell Spellfire cards at the current time, although Troll & Toad also does a brisk Spellfire business. Good luck!