Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Nuclear Option

Wish (4th Edition, 384/500) is one of the most powerful - and most popular - cards in Spellfire. Whether you are playing Standard or TAV, this wizard spell needs to be in your deck if you have spellcasting champions. Let's list the reasons Wish is so awesome.

1 - Wish discards any one card in play, except a realm. In reality, most players use it to rid themselves of enemy champions. 

2 - Immunities won't help against a Wish (unless your name is Lhadsemlo or Irod).

3 - It can be cast at any time, either on your turn or during an opponent's turn. This versatility allows you to respond to any developing threat on the board.

4 - Since it goes to the discard pile after use, Wish can be brought back again and again.

In TAV, Wish is best used during combat. If you are attacking, but things aren't going your way, you can always nuke the opposing champion with Wish, automatically winning the round of combat, razing the opponent's realm, and gaining you a spoils. If you are on defense, a well-timed Wish can remove the attacker, either before or after you block. Some champions - like Iuz or Istus - you will want to nuke before they get anywhere near your formation. Others you might want to block first and use the Wish to get a cheap spoils and prevent your opponent from attacking again that turn.

Don't forget, Wish is good for sweeping the board of Rule cards, Dungeons, Holdings, or anything else you don't particularly like. Wish is pretty awesome, no matter what version of Spellfire you are into.

Next time: When it's okay to Fight Dirty!                          

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