Monday, June 27, 2011

The Gibs Are Coming!

When I first started playing Spellfire, I was confronted by three rather oddly-named champions: Gib Evets, Gib Htimsen, and Gib Ekim.

It actually took me quite awhile to realize that "Gib" was "Big" backwards, and we were actually dealing with "Big Steve", "Big Nesmith", and "Big Mike" (names of TSR game designers who worked on Spellfire). Over the years, more Gibs have been printed, some of which are among the most powerful champions in the game.

Here's a shot of my current Gib deck, followed by a rundown of what's in it.   

Realms (12): Front Lines, Cormyr, Avanil, Temple of Elemental Evil, Ruins of Zhentil Keep, Tyr, Mithas, Ancient Kalidnay, Euripis, Menzoberranzan, Duchy of Tenh, Urik.                                                 

Champions (12): Gib Drawsemaj, Gib Aklem, Gib Lhadsemlo, Gib Reltub, Gib Sinned, Gib Hcivonad, Gib Irod, Gib Occav, Gib Thiaf, Gib Kcir, Gib Cram, Gatekeeper.

Wizard Spells (9): Disintegrate, Hold Person, Wish, Dissolution, Limited Wish, Estate Transference, Dispel Magic, Spell Turning, Reincarnate.

Magic Items (2): Star Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal, Wyrm of Earthwalking.      

Allies (9): Loup-Garou, Undead Dragonrider, Death Knight, Gnasher, The White Weird, Glass Golem, Skull Tumor, Hero Slayer.    

Events (10): Cataclysm, Good Fortune, Wine of Eternity, The Genie Bottle, Trapped, Deflection, Caravan, Caer Allison, Dodge, Coming of the Phoenix.

Dungeon: Undermountain.

Rule Card: Inverted Pyramid.

Tell me what you think!

Next time: The top 5 cleric spells.

P.S. Check this out for an awesome Gib-related story (start at the bottom of the page). Who IS this guy?


  1. This is really late, but you just blew my mind with the Gib series.