Saturday, June 4, 2011

King Cheese!

Both his bark and his bite are pretty bad.
The Loup-Garou (Ravenloft, 79/100). The mere mention of the card strikes fear into Spellfire players near and far, especially if they are into TAV. Why? Because this card will destroy your best-laid plans, and here's how.

1 - It's an ally. Good luck canceling it. Keep those Dodge's and such handy.

2 - No one plays magic items in TAV. There are only one or two I'd even bother considering (Spell Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal, Falcon Figurine, etc). So the odds that you'll have one in your hand or on your champion are a lot less than in Standard.

3 - If you fail to have or play a magic item (likely), your realm is razed. This is TAV, sucker! What, you thought you'd get to defend again? Nope.

4 - He can be used with any champion type, and pretty well any champion, period.

5 - He's great on defense as well. Block with Erellika, for example, and slap down the wolf! Bam!

The Loup-Garou has got to be the cheesiest card in Spellfire in general and TAV in particular. It's in my tournament deck, it's pretty well got to be in yours. It goes without saying that you will be attacked by this lycanthrope at some point during a match.

My strategy? Hope I'm holding a Dodge...or hope the attack is being made on Mithas. :) 

Next time: When is it smart to play a champion with no brain?                               


  1. dreaded ghost is better

    1. No argument here, which is why DG costs upwards of $20 today and the Loup-Garou is a buck. :)