Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 3: Thieves

Here are my picks for the top three thieves in Spellfire. Note: I am not counting avatars like Mask, or the tiresome POL (Poor Oriental Lord), who is banned in TAV anyway.

#3 - Turin Deathstalker (Night Stalkers, 35/100)
Turin just edges out The Guildmaster for the #3 spot on this list. This undead dude can't be affected by unarmed combat cards, automatically discards allies of +4 or less (which makes him Loup-Garou-proof), and is immune to the powers of Forgotten Realms champions, which means he can go toe-to-toe with the Living Wall without becoming lunch. An all-around good champion who should be in any thief deck or undead deck.

#2 - Skulker (Dungeons, 40/100)
From the merely very good (Turin) to the excellent! The Skulker is a swimmer, which lets him attack any realm showing coastline. But his primo power is the ability to rifle through your opponent's discard pile during combat, pull out whatever allies, magical items, or artifacts he finds there, and use them all! With the amount of cheese flying around in the average TAV game, there is bound to be a ton of usable cards in enemy discard piles, especially later in 2-player games or just about anytime in multi-player. The Skulker often becomes a one-man (loosely speaking) realm-razing machine!                 

#1 - Gib Reltub (Night Stalkers chase, 20/25) 
Okay, let's go through this guy's abilities one at a time. Firstly, he's an earthwalker, meaning he is able to attack back realms and avoid front ones with movement restrictions. Secondly, he's immune to all events, so he won't be Slave Revolted or Trapped or Tyranthraxus-ized. Next, he ignores rule cards, which when combined with his immunity to events means it's nearly impossible to strip him of his spellcasting or other abilties. Lastly, he casts wizard spells, and any Wish spells cast by him can't be spell turned. They can still be dispelled, but...slap a Star Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal on him and he is an unstoppable, Wish-casting maniac! Gib Reltub is a staple in my Gib deck, and for me ranks as the #1 thief champion ever printed.

Next time: Take a look at my Gibs!


  1. hey marc Ricky here i just want to know if you have some doubles of boosters and chase cards to trade i want to complete my sets and i was wondering if you trade cards or even sell some shoot me an email subject SPELLFIRE ROCKS !!

    1. I emailed you but I really don't have that many extras.

  2. The Guildmaster, El-Hadid, Necba the Wrathmaker and Mask, The Avatar are also excellent thieves......I HATE Thieves!!

    1. Yup, thieves can really mess up your day in Spellfire. They were introduced so late in the game's lifetime that there are very few good anti-thief cards. The sticker sets have a few, but that's about it.