Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sucker Punch!

I have to admit it: I don't own a Fighting Dirty (Dungeons chase, 3/25). I traded the only one I had way back in 2001 to an unscrupulous scallywag. Actually, he's a good friend who just happened to make off like a bandit on the deal. This card is currently blazing on the online auction sites, hitting values north of $60 most times. 

An unarmed combat (UAC) card is by nature tough to counter. This particular UAC card is nastier than most. Once it hits the board, you must draw and discard a card (which hurts all by itself), noting the last digit. Say so-long to that many cards from your hand as they go bye-bye, straight to the discard pile.

Fighting Dirty also adds a bonus equal to the originally-drawn card's last digit to the employing champion.

There is no downside to this card. Nothing about it isn't awesome. You get a great bonus, force the opponent to draw and discard a card, and totally defenestrate his or her hand. Then combat continues. Good luck to your poor opponent. Most likely he or she is also razing a realm and giving up a spoils.

Standard, TAV, it doesn't matter what version of Spellfire you're playing. You want this card in your deck, and you want it in your hand.

The art adds another bit of awesome to Fighting Dirty. It's quite apt, as what the card does to the opponent when it hits the table is the metaphoric equivalent of the scene depicted in the art. Ouch! Amid all the cheese in TAV, Fighting Dirty still stands alone.

Next: duck, dip, dive, and DODGE! 

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