Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 3: Psionicists

Here's my list of the top three psionicists.

#3 - Gib Aklem (Night Stalkers chase, 23/25)
The fact that this guy is only #3 on the list shows what a powerhouse champion type the psionicist is. A staple in my Gib deck, Aklem is a great attacking champion. He's basically risk-free, since he grabs another champion to be his ally in combat. Here's how it works: attack with Aklem and, after your opponent blocks, you can grab another champion in his pool (or another opponent's pool, if you're playing multi-player) to use as an ally. If you lose, the champion/ally is discarded instead of Aklem, who calmly returns to your pool. You can even lose on purpose! You'll give up a spoils, but can rid yourself of a troublesome Jella, Hettman Tsurin, Gwenyth, or some other champion you don't particularly like your enemy having.

#2 - Lyr of the Mists (Powers, 23/100)
Lyr is a champion you hate to see hit the board - unless you're the one plunking her down. Every time she enters combat, a champion croaks. This primo power makes Lyr one of the most feared champions in the game. I have seen her singlehandedly scare off potential attackers, and I've seen her severely punish those brave enough to attack anyway. When you keep winning, you keep discarding champions. If Lyr loses, bring her back with a Coming of the Phoenix, a Resurrection, a Silver Hands, etc. The only foolproof way of protecting yourself against Lyr of the Mists? Keeping your champions safely in your hand. But you won't win many games that way.

 #1 - Highmaster Illithios (Dungeons chase 21/25)                    

He's my pick as the best psionicist ever printed, and I'm not even sure which of the two hideous monsters on the card he is! The Highmaster has a laundry list of immunities, he's level 10, and whenever a psionic power card is played, you get to draw a card. In a psionic deck he's going to allow you to gain a tremendous card advantage in a short period of time. And card advantage is everything. Prices on this card range from $65 at to near $100 on eBay, and no wonder! Whenever I have him in my pool, I feel confident I'm going to win the game. How many cards can you say that about?

Next time: My psionicist deck revealed! 

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