Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Weasel out of this!

Eaten by weasels - not a good way to go.

Ah yes, Weasel Attack (3rd edition chase, 428/440). That most sublime of events. A true powerhouse, and one of the few cards that is amazingly primo no matter what version of Spellfire is being played, standard or TAV. This thing attracts event-canceling cards like a magnet, and with good reason.

Imagine, attacking an opponent's realm and then slapping this down on the table. First of all, your attacking champion can relax. He goes back to your pool and chills. Next, you choose one of the champions in the defender's pool - he must use that champion to attack his own realm! Not only that, but he must fight himself with his own cards. If he wins, his realm is razed and both players draw spoils. If he loses, his realm is still razed, his champion is discarded, and only the player of Weasel Attack draws a spoils. So either way:

-His realm is going to get razed.
-The player of Weasel Attack is getting a spoils.

Not to mention the huge waste of cards if he decides to fight this. No wonder this card brings out Intercessions, Limited Wishes, Enter Darkness Togethers, etc.

Great photo art, super cool mechanism, and just an all-around-awesome event card. I only own one of these, but if I had six they would all be in decks. It's just that damn good!