Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Dreaded Ghost!

This is my kind of ally.
The Dreaded Ghost (4th Edition, 246/500) is an unbelievable card. I only own one of these beauties, and they fetch a hefty price ($15 or so) on eBay nowadays. Can you see why?! :)

An amazing card in Standard, the Ghost is even more awesome in the Antigonish Variant. TAV games tend to move fast, with each player slamming down instant-kill cards left and right, razing realms with lightning speed. The Ghost does the job better than almost any other card. Why? Let's list the reasons:

1 - It sucks 9 levels from the opposing champion. Any reduced to -1 or below die instantly. Most champions are going to be 9 or less when pushed forward, so playing the Ghost is often a lights-out win.

2 - The Dreaded Ghost is an ally. Not very many champions are immune to ally powers. There aren't many cards that cancel or avoid allies, either.

3 - It adds +9 to your champion. Level-up wars are rarer in TAV compared to Standard, but if you get into one, the Ghost should give you a big enough boost to win.

If you've got one of these things lying around (lucky you!), slap it into your TAV deck immediately. And if you've got an extra one, drop me a line!

Next time: The best champion in TAV?

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