Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Psionicist Deck

Here's a rundown of what's in my psionicist deck:

Realms (13): Realm x7, Menzoberranzzan, Temple of Elemental Evil, Ruins of Iolonia, The Crystal Sphere, Ancient Kalidnay, Avanil.

Champions (12): Bansmareton (Avatar), T'Chaar, Phridge, Mistress of Destruction, Lazarus the Drow, Borys the Dragon, Shadair Mesker, Kronos the Titan, Highmaster Illithios, Lyr of the Mists, Minervan, Gith.

Wizard Spells (5): Dispel Magic, Spell Turning, Limited Wish, Hold Person, Wish.                        

Cleric Spells (3): Dispel, Intercession, Mindkiller.                      

Artifacts (2): Bando's Whitestone, Psychometron of Nerad.                

Ally (1): Loup-Garou.

Events (10): Labor of Legend, Slave Revolt, Good Fortune, The Genie Bottle, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Coming of the Phoenix, Caravan, Treasure Fleet, Cataclysm, Tyranthraxus.

Psionic Power cards: Psionic Disintegration, Domination, Drain Will, Banishment, Destroy Thought, Ultrablast, Inflict Pain, Magnify, Magic Draining Field.

Dungeon: Lair of Dregoth, the Undead Dragon-King.

Note: I do not run a Rule card in this deck.

That's it, tell me what you think.

Next time: The top 3 thieves.                             


  1. Thiago Sousa CamposJanuary 25, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    You forgot to list the psionic powers cards.