Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A dream for you...a nightmare for your opponent!

Wait...am I dreaming or awake?!
Dark Dreams (Nightstalkers chase, 6/25) is a card I do not own, but it's near the top of my want list! It's an awesome card even in standard Spellfire, but it in the Antigonish variant it's uber primo. 

Why? Well the devil is in the details, as they say. A quick read of the card might not let the incredible-ness of this event totally sink in. You may have to read it over a few times, ruminate on the text, and allow the full ramifications of its abilities to percolate into your forebrain. Or, you can just keep reading, and I'll lay it all out.

In TAV, each round of combat is life or death. Unlike standard Spellfire, you can't just let an attacker win. Well, you can, but you are getting one of your realms razed if you do. Because of this, each round of combat is much more significant than in standard. Unless you have a Dark Dreams in your hand, that is!

Once combat is over and you've lost - perhaps because you got killed by a piece of nasty cheese like Noble Djinni, Intellect Devourer, or Vorpal Blade - slap this baby down on the table. Surprise! You haven't lost at all. In fact, the round of combat that just ended didn't even happen. It was a mirage, a bad dream. Unfortunately for your opponent, his champion discards all attachments (like the Vorpal Blade he just used to kill you) while you get to keep yours.

Now combat re-starts, with your opponent having a drained hand while you strut back into battle with all your attachments. Looks like a big, fat loss for him.

In such a situation, the only way for your opponent to wake up from the nightmare that is Dark Dreams is by using a well-timed Intercession, Limited Wish, or EDT. If not...let the night terrors begin!

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