Friday, August 31, 2012

The Official TAV Rules

Hey folks. Here is the link to the brand-spanking-new Spellfire: The Antigonish Variant rules.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Although I have been playing this version of Spellfire since 2000, this is the first time the rules alterations and changes from standard Spellfire have been codified in an official document.

If you've been curious to try the format, now's the time! Tell me what you think.

-Marc D.

***UPDATE 1! Link to rules now actually works! :) ***

P.S. I have been asked about the Dungeon changes. I do have a post explaining my rationale for each change here. I think these changes make dungeons more fun and less confusing.

***UPDATE 2! Link to the Spellfire Reference Guide, vol.3 is here. ***

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hey people, just a little blurb here to let you know that the OFFICIAL SPELLFIRE: THE ANTIGONISH VARIANT RULES will be posted here for the first time tomorrow morning!

This is something I've been asked about repeatedly, and I finally sat down and combined/adapted the standard Spellfire rules and tournament rules to create the first ever version of the TAV rule guide.

I will post the TAV rules as a downloadable Google document. Feedback is very welcome once you've read and gone over the rules document. Thanks!

-Marc D.

My Kings & Thieves Deck

Let's take a look at my spell-less "Kings & Thieves" deck:

Realms (12): Ancient Kalidnay, The Spinx, Mount Nevermind, The Gorgon's Crown, Menzoberranzan, Mintarn, Cities of the Sun, Richemulot, Avanil, Temple of Elemental Evil, The Vampire's Realm, the Spiderfell.

Champions (11): Roubhe Manslayer, the Gorgon, Julio, Krijeydif, Zaranda Star, the Skulker, the Noble Outlaw, the Vampire, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the Pirate, the Pawnmaster.  

Avatar: Mask.

Magic Items (3): Armor of the High King, Tarokka Deck, Gauntlets of Dexterity.

Artifacts (2): Wintering, Cannon Ball.                

Allies (3): Loup-Garou, Cat Burglar, Guild Master.

Events (10): Cataclysm, Treasure Fleet, Calm, Slave Revolt, Good Fortune, Tyranthraxus, the Caravan, the Genie Bottle, Labor of Legend, Trapped.

Dungeon: Might of the Blood Right.

Rule Card: A Sure Thing.

Thief Skills (5): Backstab, Assassination, Use Poison, Framed, Broad Jump.

Blood Abilities (6): Death Touch, Create Minion, Melt Bone, Death Field, Divine Wrath, Battlewise.

Holding: The Heartland Outfitters.                                     

Total: 55 cards + 1 dungeon.

Notes: This deck works great against decks that have loaded up on counterspells or "lockdown" champions like the Arch-Druid, Midnight, or Sadira. Thief skills and blood abilities are difficult to counter and dispel, and some have very powerful effects. I created this deck sometime in 2000 and have been tinkering with it ever since. Before I made my Heroes deck (which I should post about one of these days), the Kings & Thieves deck used to have unarmed combat cards as well.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

Next time: The TAV rules are coming!              

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Can You Do With A Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow (TU Chase, 24/25) is a great card in Standard Spellfire and an awesome one in TAV. It combines the effect of a fence (like Solid Fog) with the spoils-shifting power of the Noble Outlaw. The only downside is that you can only use it in a multi-player game. If you are facing a single opponent, it's useless.

When you slap this baby down, two of your enemies must be engaged in combat. Both champions return to their pools and combat is over. Because this is the Antigonish variant, you only get one attack per turn. Therefore Broken Arrow ends two opponents' chance to get spoils. Very useful if one of them is at five realms, looking to slap down that last land.

If it only stopped your enemies from gaining spoils, Broken Arrow would be a decent event. But its "only when you aren't involved in the combat" drawback might keep it out of most decks, where the 10 precious event slots are so important that a card that has no effect when you are engaged in battle probably doesn't make the cut.

But Broken Arrow does more. It actually gives YOU the spoils, instead of one of the two boneheads engaged in the battle. All of a sudden, it could be you slapping down realm number 6 and cruising to victory, on someone else's turn!

For it's fence-like combat ending ability, plus its awesome Noble Outlaw-like ability to mess with other people's spoils, plus its primo ability to give YOU said messed-with spoils card, Broken Arrow goes straight to the bullseye when talking about great event cards.

Next time: My Kings & Thieves deck.

P.S.: There is a rumor floating around the Spellfire-verse of NEW STICKER SETS to be soon released in Brazil. As soon as I have more information on these supposed new fan-made cards from the hotbed of Spellfire in South America, I will link to it here!