Sunday, June 19, 2011

Five Of My Favorite Cards

I was going to call this "My Top 10 All Time Favorite Cards", but I just couldn't narrow it down. So here's five of my favorites. I'll probably post more at a later date.

#5 - Roundhouse (Millennium, 96/99)                                   
There are cards you use as an attacker - like instant-kills and other types of cheese. Then there are response cards. Sure, you can use them when attacking, but they are better used as payback after you weather your opponent's best card. Roundhouse is my favorite of this type. You enter combat, your opponent plays first, probably using a low-level defender plus a dirty piece of cheese like Noble Djinni. But surprise! You have a Dodge or an Airship or some other way to escape death. Now it's your turn to play. So you slap this beauty down. Roll the dice - it could be a +18 bonus. Your opponent begins to cry piteously as he realizes he is on the losing end of a level-up war he wasn't expecting. Good stuff. I also like Roundhouse because the photo features my pal Hayden destroying my other pal Matt with a sweet kick to the face. It's win-win!

#4 - Gib Drawsemaj (Night Stalkers chase, 22/25)

What an avatar! He only appears after you discard one of your opponent's lands, and when he does he gets the powers of any two non-avatar champions already in play. He could be Iuz and Lord Robilar. Or maybe the Headless Horseman and Lyr of the Mists! Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane and Princess Amber? The possibilities are endless. Not to mention his awesome level of 20. Primo card.

#3 - Caer Allison (Forgotten Realms, 3/100)
At number three is Caer Allison, an event that usually wins you the game when played. There is another use for it - to save your champions if your only land is discarded...but I've seen it used that way about four times in 15 years. What it's usually used for is to give you a 6th and final realm, and victory. I love hiding this in my hand and tossing off a few "decoy" events to see if I can lure out an Intercession or Limited Wish. Or maybe to see if Helm or Delsenora can be teased into sacrificing themselves. Slave Revolt and Cataclysm are two great events for this purpose. Once a few event counters have been wasted by my opponents, I'll toss down the Caer Allison and hope for the best. Fun!

#2 - Dissolution (Dungeons chase, 4/25)

I love this card. I recently got another one on eBay - money well spent. There's nothing worse than having a Temple of Elemental Evil or a Menzoberranzzan sitting in your hand, taking up space uselessly because some clod at the table already has it down. You can raze it, but it's still there, mocking you. Well, my friend, Dissolution is your answer. It removes the offending realm and places it neatly into the discard pile. Best use of Dissolution? Nuking your opponent's razed Menzo, then slapping yours down moments later for the win. Sweet!

#1 - Enter Darkness Together (Dungeons chase, 10/25)

I pulled this beauty from a pack back in '97 and wouldn't dream of ever parting with it. What a card! So much fun. It works on both spells and events, and 99% of the time stops them cold. Maybe someone out there somewhere would consider ripping up a common spell...maybe. But no one is tearing up their Wish, their Estate Transference, their Mindkiller, or their Caer Allison. It's just not happening. Personally, I have seen one card torn up - a Caravan. My opponent won that game - but at what cost!! Yes, the card affectionately known as "EDT" to Spellfire players worldwide is my favorite card. Anyone got one for sale, cheap? :)                                          

Next Time: Three Awesome Heroes.