Friday, July 18, 2014

My All-Female Deck

My female deck is one of my newer Spellfire:TAV decks, it was put together in 2010. Focusing on Clerics, it has proven to be one of my better ones. Here's a picture of it:

And here's the rundown of its contents:

Lands (13)
-Temple of Elemental Evil                       -Raurin
-Balic                                                     -Gulig
-Theocracy of the Pale                             -Urik
-Malatra, the Living Jungle                     -Bluet Spur
-Hold of the Sea Princes                        -Gehenna
-Spine of Taladas                                  -Elysium
-The Shackled City

Notes: Spine of Taladas is an excellent realm, especially when used as the front one.

Champions (13)
-Misfortune (Avatar)                               -Halcyon
-Goldmoon                                            -Nenioc
-Gwenyth the Bard                                 -Shayira
-Jella                                                     -Princess Alusair
-Starshine                                              -Lovely Colleen
-Telarie Willowind                                    -Lyr of the Mists

Notes: Telarie is one of the greatest defending champions in Spellfire: TAV. Because your enemies only get one attack per turn, she can shield more valuable champions from having to defend, and if she loses, she teleports back with all attachments!

Cleric Spells (10)
-Mindshatter                                             -Creeping Doom
-Intercession                                             -Dispel Evil
-Dispel                                                      -Forbiddance
-Unholy Word                                            -Mindkiller
-Corruption of the Soul                              -Sacred Flame
Notes: Mindshatter is one of my favorite spells of all time, and the sticker cards Dispel Evil, Coruption of the Soul, and Sacred Flame add even more firepower.

Allies (6)
-Loup Garou                                              -The Rahasia
-Noble Djinni                                             -Vistani
-Servants of Faith                                      -Olive Slime
Notes: Vistani is one of those "I lose, but you'll suffer" cards. They have their uses sometimes. Defending against the Living Wall is one of them.

Events (10)
-Calm                                                           -Good Fortune
-Labor of Legend                                           -Insanely Good Fortune
-Cataclysm                                                   -Takhisis’s Mirror of Life Trapping
-Tyranthraxus                                               -Curse of the Azure Bonds
-Caer Allison                                                 -Caravan

Notes: Labor of Legend is an awesome way to instantly flip over that hard-to-attack, powerful, or even winning (6th) realm.

Magic Item (1)
-Falcon Figurine

Artifact (1)
-Throne of the Gods

Rule Card (1)
-Hornung’s Randomness
Notes: No dungeon in this deck. Any suggestions? It's basically a free card (55 to 56), so let's put one in. Please explain your rationale for the particular dungeon you suggest.

So there you have it! What do you guys think of my all female deck?

Next time: I have no idea! :)