Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Can You Do With A Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow (TU Chase, 24/25) is a great card in Standard Spellfire and an awesome one in TAV. It combines the effect of a fence (like Solid Fog) with the spoils-shifting power of the Noble Outlaw. The only downside is that you can only use it in a multi-player game. If you are facing a single opponent, it's useless.

When you slap this baby down, two of your enemies must be engaged in combat. Both champions return to their pools and combat is over. Because this is the Antigonish variant, you only get one attack per turn. Therefore Broken Arrow ends two opponents' chance to get spoils. Very useful if one of them is at five realms, looking to slap down that last land.

If it only stopped your enemies from gaining spoils, Broken Arrow would be a decent event. But its "only when you aren't involved in the combat" drawback might keep it out of most decks, where the 10 precious event slots are so important that a card that has no effect when you are engaged in battle probably doesn't make the cut.

But Broken Arrow does more. It actually gives YOU the spoils, instead of one of the two boneheads engaged in the battle. All of a sudden, it could be you slapping down realm number 6 and cruising to victory, on someone else's turn!

For it's fence-like combat ending ability, plus its awesome Noble Outlaw-like ability to mess with other people's spoils, plus its primo ability to give YOU said messed-with spoils card, Broken Arrow goes straight to the bullseye when talking about great event cards.

Next time: My Kings & Thieves deck.

P.S.: There is a rumor floating around the Spellfire-verse of NEW STICKER SETS to be soon released in Brazil. As soon as I have more information on these supposed new fan-made cards from the hotbed of Spellfire in South America, I will link to it here!


  1. The Brazilian set is called Mitos e Lendas ("Myths & Legends"). From what little I've been able to determine, it had a first printing about eighteen months ago, and is now in its "second edition" release.

    It's supposed to have 130 cards, and rather than being based on AD&D, it's based around the mythology and culture of Brazil.

    So far, that's all I know, but I'm desperately trying to find some of those cards! Hopefully you'll have better luck than me!

  2. Look forward to seeing this Brazillian sticker set

    Also I'm looking for Spellfire players to play via LackeyCCG or Crossfire (if that still works)

    1. Yeah, I'd love a new sticker set. I still have hundreds of first edition "blanks", Ravenloft commons, and Dragonlance commons to sticker over!

  3. I dont know if the Brazillian set will be a true new set.Most of the sets are named after the sticker sets but are 20 cards picked from the sticker sets by the leauge players votes.There are also promo cards they have printed but I own none of these and have seen them on Ebay from time to time.One original set was made based on indian cultures in the Americas.I cannot tell you the powers of the cards as the ones I own are in portuguese but the do contain the game worlds.The sets of 20 cards taken from the sticker sets are nice cards with awesome art besides the first set that was photo cards although they did reprint that first set with artwork.Have you seen the Gib Cram artwork they printed?

    1. Thanks for the info. I did see the "new" Cram art, I think someone posted the cards to the Spellfire Listserv email group.