Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Kings & Thieves Deck

Let's take a look at my spell-less "Kings & Thieves" deck:

Realms (12): Ancient Kalidnay, The Spinx, Mount Nevermind, The Gorgon's Crown, Menzoberranzan, Mintarn, Cities of the Sun, Richemulot, Avanil, Temple of Elemental Evil, The Vampire's Realm, the Spiderfell.

Champions (11): Roubhe Manslayer, the Gorgon, Julio, Krijeydif, Zaranda Star, the Skulker, the Noble Outlaw, the Vampire, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the Pirate, the Pawnmaster.  

Avatar: Mask.

Magic Items (3): Armor of the High King, Tarokka Deck, Gauntlets of Dexterity.

Artifacts (2): Wintering, Cannon Ball.                

Allies (3): Loup-Garou, Cat Burglar, Guild Master.

Events (10): Cataclysm, Treasure Fleet, Calm, Slave Revolt, Good Fortune, Tyranthraxus, the Caravan, the Genie Bottle, Labor of Legend, Trapped.

Dungeon: Might of the Blood Right.

Rule Card: A Sure Thing.

Thief Skills (5): Backstab, Assassination, Use Poison, Framed, Broad Jump.

Blood Abilities (6): Death Touch, Create Minion, Melt Bone, Death Field, Divine Wrath, Battlewise.

Holding: The Heartland Outfitters.                                     

Total: 55 cards + 1 dungeon.

Notes: This deck works great against decks that have loaded up on counterspells or "lockdown" champions like the Arch-Druid, Midnight, or Sadira. Thief skills and blood abilities are difficult to counter and dispel, and some have very powerful effects. I created this deck sometime in 2000 and have been tinkering with it ever since. Before I made my Heroes deck (which I should post about one of these days), the Kings & Thieves deck used to have unarmed combat cards as well.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

Next time: The TAV rules are coming!              


  1. nice deck. Just one questioon, why dont use Shadowcloack?

    1. The answer is simple, Thiago...I don't own one! But I will be looking for this chase card since you brought it to my attention.

  2. Glad i could help. I was thinking about this deck and what about using El-Hadid? Its a low level thief, from Birthright (can use the Wintering), can use blood abilities and its special power can be really good on TAV. The fact the opponent have to show you the four cards he want to use this round can be really powerful when combined with cards like Loup-Garou or Melt Bone.

    1. Great suggestion! El-Hadid was once in this deck...not sure why I took him out. I might take a long look at him again. Thanks!

  3. A question: with this Dungeon (all champions became regents), the thieves lose their abilities of thief skills?

    1. No, the champions are "considered" Regents and can use blood abilities...but they are still thieves able to use thief skills (due to their icon, which does not change). If a spell affects regents, it will now affect all champions in that pool. But they retain their original champion type as well.