Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Best Psionic Power Cards

Let's take a look at the five best Psionic power cards, keeping in mind that this list is based on TAV play.     

#5 - Psionic Disintegration (Dungeons, 73/100)
Yes, it destroys a land. But at what cost? Well, you can't attack the turn you use it, which means no spoils for you. To my mind, getting an instantly-playable spoils card is one of the most powerful things you can do in Spellfire, especially when playing TAV games. Giving up your spoils puts you at a marked disadvantage. Mind you, blowing up one of the other guy's realms can be more useful than getting a spoils at times, and sometimes (like when faced with a land bearing a primo movement restricton) you simply can't launch an attack anyway. One thing is certain, this card is definitely better than Disintegrate, which is an easily-countered wizard spell. Let's slide Psionic Disintegration in at #5 on this list and move on. Next!

#4 - Magic Draining Field (Dungeons, 74/100)
They follow each other in the Dungeons expansion set, and they follow each other on this list! Weird. Magic Draining Field is an awesome card against any deck which is spell-based. It's still good even if the opponent has only a few spells mixed in. Against a deck with no spells (such as my Kings & Thieves deck), it's basically useless. So for every time you paralyze your opponent's wizard deck, you will be stuck with a cardboard clunker each time you face his psionic deck. Because of this big downside, I can only put MGF as #4 on this list. Still a great card, 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time, though? Ugh.

#3 - Destroy Thought (Conquest 18/81)

Oh, those crazy sticker sets! Destroy Thought is a truly awesome psionic power card. Not only does it cancel an attack on your realm, the champion who was about to attack can't attack or defend until Destroy Thought is dispelled. And since only a precious few cards can dispel psionic powers (4th edition Dispel, Wish, Dispel Psionics, umm...are there any others?), that means the affected champion will probably be sitting there doing nothing for quite awhile. Even better, when playing TAV you only get one attack per turn, so this card effectively ends your opponent's chance to get a spoils. Nice.

#2 - Domination  (Conquest, 19/81)
For card #2, We return to the Conquest sticker set, and to the awesome Domination card. It's sort of like Curse of the Azure bonds, except you get to keep the champion forever, so long as Domination is in play. It's like a Tyranthraxus that's twice as difficult to counter, and doesn't take up one of your precious 10 event slots. It works on avatars as well as ordinary champions. Very few champions are immune to psionic power cards. The downside? You can't use the stolen champion (except for sacrificing). Still...the ability to take your enemy's best weapon, with little chance of a counterspell ruining things, is primo.

#1 - Drain Will (Dungeons, 75/100)
Here it is, folks, my pick for the best psionic power card (I thought Powers was the set with all the psionic powers? Dungeons has it beat, hands down!). Drain Will kills any champion on the board of adjusted level 9 or less. Pretty sweet removal for Bigby, Midnight, Cyric, or whoever else is plaguing you. But Drain Will's second power is even better. No champion in that opponent's pool can attack until after their next turn. So you simultaneousy nuke a champion and potentially ruin your enemy's next turn. Even in a multi-player game, this puts a severe whammy on one opponent, who has to draw a good attacker (or have one sequestered in his hand), or else he's got a spoils-less turn coming up. Sweet.      

Well folks, that's it for this time. Hopefully my next post won't take...quite as long to happen as this one did!

Next time: What can you do with a broken arrow?

P.S. As of this writing, it looks like is no more. Truly the end of an era, people. But this isn't the end of Spellfire, not by a long shot.

P.P.S. It's back up!


  1. Nice choices, the dungeons psionic powers are a must for any psionic deck.

    ps: its on again.

  2. I love my Psionic's a killer deck against spellcasters. Purely Anti-Magic. My psionics hated spells.......

    Email me @ with a subject "Spellfire" if you got somethings to trade or sell to me.


    1. Yes, Psionicists are a good antidote to an enemy deck filled with spellcasters.

  3. Create object for MI or artifact decks

    1. Not a bad card, Anonymous, but too narrowly-focused to make this list.