Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The TAV Dictionary

Over 10 years of sitting around Spellfire: TAV tables has produced a bunch of slang terms and nicknames. Here's a few!

Cheese – an instant-kill card. Any card that immediately defeats/discards a
              champion, or has the potential to immediately defeat or discard a
              champion. The Loup-Garou is a dirty piece of cheese.

Champion-killer – any card that places a champion into the discard pile or
                          into the Abyss.

Chump – a champion who is useless in the current situation, especially a
             defender. He attacked with the Living Wall, and all I had in my pool              were chumps like Minervan and Helm.

Counterspell – any card that stops another card from being played or taking
                     effect, or one that interferes with its intended effect.

Cut the cheese - stop an instant-kill card.

Decoy – a card that is played in hopes of attracting a counterspell, so that
            another more important or more effective card may be played safely.

Fat hand – a hand full of useful cards.

Fence – any card that makes it difficult to attack a player’s formation. Her deck
            was filled with fences like Solid Fog, Forbiddance, and Wall of Fog.

Graveyard – discard pile.

Land – a realm.

Land destruction – any card that causes a realm to be razed, discarded, or
                          placed into the Abyss.

Level-up war – any battle between champions decided by total levels, as
                      opposed to instant-kill cards.

Oaf – a champion who is of high level, but does not have a useful power in the
         current situation.

Primo – excellent.

Standard – the official Spellfire rules.

TAV – the Antigonish variant of Spellfire.

Vanilla – any card with no special power, or one that has had its special power
             removed. I wanted to attack him with Tako, but Kiri had made him

If you have more of these from your Spellfire group, tell me in the comments!

Next Time: Top 5 Wizard Spells.           

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