Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great lesser-known champions!

Okay folks, let's take a look at four great TAV champions that just don't get a lot of press.

First, this little guy! One of only two cards (along with Thought Eater) that was actually depowered from third to fourth edition, Cistern Fiend (3rd edition, 282/400) is immune to all spells - offensive and defensive - and allies cannot be used against it. No Wish, Death Spell, Finger of Death, Mindkiller, or Takhisis's Abyssal Gateway. No Loup-Garou, Thought Eater, or Dreaded Ghost. The Cistern Fiend's low level of 2 means you get to slap down your instant-kill cards, while your opponent is crippled by the Fiend's immunity to cheese. Good champion, but not one you'll see every day around the Spellfire table. More players should consider adding him to their decks.

Next we have Lord Robilar (Ruins & Runes, 32/100). This guy has a bizarre robot horse that gives him the earthwalking ability. O-kay. Robilar is also immune to offensive cleric spells, and the special powers of Avatars. Those two items aren't exactly game-breakers, although being immune to Mindkiller and Mindshatter is nothing to sneeze at. Being resistant to Kiri's vanilla-izing could also be useful in certain situations. Overall, Robilar is a good champion who is right up there when discussing the best heroes in the game.

Ting Ling (4th edition, 354/500)! The very name conjures images of...flying Asian clerics with the blood of kings? This guy is one of the best attacking champions in the game. He can fly over dangerous front lands, bringing his allies with him. He can use blood abilities, allowing him to attach a Divine Wrath or a Melt Bone for a quick win. He's high level, making him an acceptable champion with which to engage in a level-up war. He'd be better with an immunity or two, but even as printed he's a vastly underrated champion, especially as an attacker.                            

Talcon (4th edition, 341/500) is sort of a "mini" Lyr of the Mists. While Lyr can banish any champion in a pool once battle begins, Talcon can only do so when he's been defeated. Though not quite as powerful as Lyr, in a TAV game he can still cause a lot of trouble. Let's say your opponent attacks with this guy. Do you block and try to kill him? If you win, you lose your best champion in the pool. If you lose, your front realm is razed and Talcon gets to try his luck again next turn. These are not good options. Talcon is a solid addition to any Psionicist deck, and he's been in mine from the start.

Next time: My all-female deck!

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