Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Heroes Deck

Today let's take a look at my heroes deck.

Realms (13): Perrenland, Avanil, the Scarlett Brotherhood, Kingdom of Furyondy, Village of Orlane, Village of Nulb, Border Post, Duchy of Tenh, Quasqueton, Slave Realm of Tunek, Irongate, Castle Arborgate, The Horned Society.

Holdings (2): Not So Fast, Ancient Arms of the Shield Lands.

Champions (12): Young Strahd, Dagrande, Hettman Tsurin, Helm, The Builder, The Fair Princess, Lord Robilar, Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane, Agis, Big Chief Bagoomba, The King of the Elves, Oogly the Half-Orc.

Avatar: Bahgtru

Magic Items (3): Hero's Chalice, Rod of Lordly Might, Chest of Many Things.

Unarmed Combat Cards (12): Flying Kick, Watahh, Uppercut, Whirling Dervish, Knockdown, Headlock, Concussing Blow, Stunning Fist, Haymaker, Roundhouse, Bear Hug, Trip.

Allies (6): Knights of Neraka, Map to a Mercenary Army, Noble Djinni, Mercenary Gold, Master Illithid, Lurker in the Earth.

Events (5): Dodge, Pit Trap, Ancient Curse, Kamikaze, Treasure Fleet.

Dungeon: Field of the Battle Lord.

Rule Card: The Golden Age.

Total: 55 cards + 1 dungeon.

Notes: This deck works fairly well. It's one of my newest Spellfire decks, about three years old. It wins and loses based on its unarmed combat cards. If I draw the rule card and the dungeon, and they stay out, the deck can hold its own with any TAV deck I've seen.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

Next time: The 5 best events for TAV.

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